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Pandan Chiffon X Gula Melaka

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gulamelakapandanchiffon001 // makingitblissful gulamelakapandanchiffon003 // makingitblissful
gulamelakapandanchiffon // makingitblissful

*This is not a recipe post.  I am still figuring it out*

I recently saw a photo of a Pandan Chiffon cake drizzled with gula melaka caramel and have been thinking about eating/baking it, the one from Privé Cafe, to be exact.

The few recipes I found online mixed gula melaka into the cake batter, but I am looking for one that retains its pandan green color for the chiffon and has gula melaka syrup drizzled over it.  I have not tasted the real thing though, so I created my own version, based how it looked in pictures.

I thought of simply pouring this gula melaka syrup over this pandan chiffon cake, but the syrup got absorbed by the chiffon so fast, it did not have that icing effect.

Gotta try a few times more…..


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