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Meat Free Monday // Olive Vegetable Fried Rice

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olivevegetablefriedrice // MIB olivevegetablefriedrice003

橄榄菜, 看起来好像很怀旧, 可是记忆中, 不是小时候吃过的东西.
以前从来不懂的材料, 直到二十出头, 不知在哪里尝试过以后, 就决定家里不能没有它.
简单的白粥, 有了橄榄菜, 没别的料, 吃上三大碗, 也没问题.
一直想拿它来炒饭, 知道应该会好吃.
昨天报纸刊登了一则recipe, 今天试试看, 就跟想象中一样!

A recipe for olive vegetable (橄榄菜) fried rice was in The Sunday Times yesterday.  The original recipe used minced pork, I mashed up some tofu 水豆腐 as replacement to make it meat-free.  Also threw in a handful of sharp spinach leaves for more nutrients and also added in a beaten egg during the last few minutes of frying, a must when I make fried rice.

// Link to the non-vegetarian version HERE.


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