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Barley Wintermelon Tea

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What compels you to try a new recipe?

A lovely written blog post?
The discovery of a new ingredient?
Recommendation of a cooking buddy?

I tried a new way of making barley tea at the suggestion of the vegetable stall owner I always get my good stuffs from.  He had some nice wintermelons, and suggested I make barley tea with it for my family.  Why not, everyone is making and drinking some sort of cooling tea under this cra-hazy weather condition.

So instead of using candied wintermelon, I added fresh wintermelon (I used a quarter of it and cut it into cubes), and boiled it in a pot of water with a combination of barley types (China and Holland).  After 40 minutes of boiling, strain the liquid into another pot, add rock sugar, and boil for 10 minutes.  Let the barley tea cool down and drink it throughout the day.  Chill balance in fridge.

I don’t let the cooked barley sit in the drink as they turn soggy and the starch makes drink all gooey.  I only add them upon serving, about a tablespoon to a glass of tea for that added bite, much like what those QQ jelly pearl balls do to a milk tea.

And the cooked wintermelon? Add them to your dinner soup (chicken soup, pork rib soup, etc), and eat them, no wastage!


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