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Inside My Bag

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I used to carry very large tote, but since the kids have been carrying their own belongings, I have switched to a very small shoulder bag instead.

1.  Burt’s Bees Hand Salve.  Keeping aging hands at bay, I hope.
2. Ray Ban Aviator.  Light and comfortable.  Eying on a folding version for an even smaller space it takes up in the bag!
3. Pouch for store coupons, my coupon organizer, and some privilege cards of frequently visit shops that do not accept NRIC for discounts/reward points.  The rarely used ones are kept in the car.
4. Notebook and Pilot G2 to jot down ideas and keep boredom away.  Store in the coupon pouch.
5. Wallet. Payment modes.
6. Medicated oil for the kids.  One for soothing tummy aches and another one stops itchy mosquito bites.
7. Wet tissues and tissue paper.

Not in photo : House keys, mobile phone.
Kids help to carry : Reusable bags if going grocery shopping and Water bottles (we share to drink).
Sometimes : If I know that there will be waiting time, I’ll grab a book along, but I clutch it instead, there is not enough space anyway.

Submitting this to join The Accidental Mum’s Link Up Party on Things in My Bag.

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